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AllMyNotes Organizer can help you store and organize your data
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AllMyNotes Organizer can help you store and organize your data in a hierarchical way. Since it is not restricted to manage a specific kind of data, this application is versatile enough to handle a wide range of information types, including standard notes, diaries, ideas, letters, memos, links, goals, events and quotes. Consequently, it can be used to keep information about your contacts.

The application has a neat and user-friendly interface, which involves no difficulty for standard users. The notes are stored in a tree-like structure, composed of folders (or containers) and the notes themselves. Notes can be edited with the built-in editor supporting text formatting, images and tables. Furthermore, alarms can be attached to the notes. Fortunately, not only single events but also recurrent events can be planned.

On the one hand, many users could feel more comfortable using this application’s free format to store their data as there are no limits imposed on the types of information storable; however, on the other, other users will probably miss the standard field-based data forms.

In general, the main advantage of AllMyNotes Organizer is versatility. Therefore, this is an application I strongly recommend to those users needing to deal with multiple types of data, either at work or for personal use. Moreover, as it can protect your databases using passwords, it is ideal for storing confidential information, such as credit card numbers, PINs, access codes, passwords, etc. It even includes a strong-password generator for this purpose.

Pedro Castro
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  • It can handle different types of information
  • It stores your data in a hierarchical tree
  • It can protect your data using passwords
  • Alarms can be attached to the notes
  • It has a friendly and attractive user interface


  • Some users might feel uncomfortable with the free format used to store the data
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