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AllMy Notes Organizer is an application that can manage and store information
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AllMy Notes Organizer is an application that can manage and store information of any kind. The program organizes information in a hierarchical tree structure, allowing you to classify your notes the way you find most convenient. An application like this serves multiple purposes: you can use it to write down your thoughts and ideas, to prepare an academic paper as it is an ideal outliner to do homework, to store contacts' information, or even to keep bookmarks and login information.
Its interface looks very similar to a file explorer; to the left there is the tree structure that contains the folders organizing data. To the right, you see the folders' content, that is, notes, diaries, outlines, to do lists, etc. Having information organized in this way is fantastic and very convenient, as you can easily navigate through your notes without needing to open separate documents.
By default, the program comes with a predefined tree structure: a main folder called 'My Data', three folders under it, (Personal, Professional, and Passwords) each one with a number of subfolders. This structure can be a good guide to start using the program, but, of course you can modify it at will, deleting folders you don't need, adding new ones, or renaming them. You can also order folders and notes simply by dragging and dropping items to the desired position in the tree. Additionally, you can add an icon beside each folder name, change the font color, set notifications, and even password-protect specific folders or notes. All these actions can be easily accessed from the toolbar, or from the context menu.
As for the workspace, the program offers a bunch of interesting options as well. For one thing, it supports formatted text, so we can use fonts of different sizes and colors, with a colored background or highlighting, and more. We can easily copy/paste pieces of text using the toolbar buttons or the context menu, and stamp time and date to our notes. In addition to this, we can also attach a file to a note; for that the program will insert a sort of shortcut through which we can access our documents right from within the application. We can also insert pictures of any format and size into the workspace, make searches, create filters, and more.
The program comes in two editions; the one being reviewed here is the free version, which is very suitable and effective for personal, home use. So, if for some reason you handle a lot of information daily, this application will greatly ease your task.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Quite easy to use
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Lots of features and options
  • Free


  • An option to add hyperlinks would be a nice addition
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